Advertising Management Advertising Management

Boost Traffic and Reach Your Target Audience

Lunge Marketing handles the strategic planning, scheduling, running, optimization and reporting of Amazon Advertising, Search Ads and Display Ads for all of your products. We seamlessly integrate with established marketing efforts, while routinely analyzing growth opportunities within the ever-changing eCommerce advertising landscape. Again and again, we have proven successful in delivering sale-driving, optimal ROI campaigns, as well as creating strong brand-focused awareness campaigns.

Account Management Account Management

Amazon Channel Management

We do everything but ship the product. Lunge provides complete account management services to help you build and grow your Amazon sales channel. Whether you are on Vendor Central, Seller Central or have a hybrid model, we are the Amazon gurus that can help take your account(s) to the next level.

Content Management & Optimization Content Management & Optimization

Content is King

Our writers, editors and experts in keyword and trend research know exactly how to develop branded content that informs and captures your target audience. We create a strategy to bring your product to the top of the search results page and keep it there.

Vendor Central & Seller Central Vendor Central & Seller Central

We’ve Got it Dialed

Instead of sinking time and effort into directions that won’t yield fruit, we concentrate on the avenues that deliver the most growth. With 14 years experience within the Amazon marketplace, we specialize in both Vendor Central and Seller Central – and can also provide a hybrid strategy to meet your brand’s specific needs and goals.

Forecasting, Reporting & Analytics Forecasting, Reporting & Analytics

We Have the Market Insights

Ambiguous reports got your head spinning? With our suite of proprietary tools and services, we offer valuable market insights and form actionable tasks that allow for more accurate forecasting and sales analysis. Take back control of your inventory levels and feel confident with our expert guidance.

Creative Services Creative Services

Telling a cohesive brand story on Amazon

It takes intention, time and expertise. Our creative team takes a holistic approach when it comes to developing branded content across your product detail page images, enhanced (A+) content, brand stores, Amazon posts, video ads and more.

Review Monitoring & Management Review Monitoring & Management

24/7 Support

We use proprietary tools to maximize this aspect of the platform and gain customer trust with real-time monitoring, response management and communication consulting. By quickly servicing reviews, we improve ratings and maximize the customer experience.

Holistic Growth Strategy Holistic Growth Strategy

We’re in it for the long haul

Not only do we focus on improving the sales of your current catalog, we also pair extensive market research with consumer-driven product feedback in order to improve the customer experience and develop new products.

Risk Management Risk Management

We get it – and feel your pain

Utilize our team of experts to identify counterfeit products, reduce fees, shipping penalties, chargebacks and other Amazon-related stresses. We help you with brand registry, price protection (MAP) and more.

eCommerce Account Audits eCommerce Account Audits

Your Account Health – Under the Microscope

With deep-dive auditing and competitive analysis, our eCommerce experts perform a complete audit of your Amazon account. From your product detail pages and overall brand, including competitor analysis and audience research, we identify issues which could be contributing to low search rank, lack of sales and other common problems. Then, we develop a bespoke optimization plan for your brand to increase sales.

eCommerce Consulting eCommerce Consulting

We Love eCommerce, so You Don’t Have To

Don’t know where to start? Are you struggling to propel your eCommerce business? Lunge has the team, the tools and the know-how to propel your online sales growth like never before.

eCommerce Liaisons eCommerce Liaisons

Your link to the latest

The Lunge team has built invaluable relationships across Amazon over the past decade, which enables us to get answers faster, solve account issues and stay on top of the latest news, insights and programs for our clients.