The Reinvention of Retail

The Reinvention of Retail: Why Manufacturers Need a Transformational Partner

By Mark Hubbard, CEO of Lunge Marketing. 11/10/2020.

Digital marketplaces are upending the traditional retail model, and consumer brand manufacturers are feeling the effects. While many manufacturers have a vision for operating on these platforms, few have a blueprint for the transformation that is needed to find success.

We are still in the early stage in the retail reinvention and manufacturers are struggling with what comes next. Navigating these uncharted waters requires a partner with the talent, tools, and expertise to help make sense of this dynamic environment and evolve rapidly for success.

Both privately-held and publicly-traded manufactures are hiring a managed services provider to help run their eCommerce channels in order to stay ahead of the extremely fast-changing landscape, and to cut overhead cost, now more than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this shift in turning to outside eCommerce experts as companies need to be nimble and evolve quickly to capture sales and stay ahead of the competition.

There are several ways in which these agencies can deliver results. The advantages that can be drawn from outsourcing are the reason why the practice is growing in popularity and spreading like wildfire.

  1. They can immediately provide a “One-Stop-Shop” for all your Amazon, Walmart, etc. needs without having to become a channel expert or navigate the ever-changing backends that these platforms use.
  • Account Management
  • Vendor Negotiations
  • Advertising (Search, Display, Video, etc.)
  • Content Optimization and Management
  • Vendor Central & Seller Central, or (Hybrid) Amazon
  • Review Monitoring & Management
  • Brand Registry & Risk Management
  • Brand Protection
  • Forecasting, Reporting & Analytics
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • eCommerce Channel Audits
  1. Hiring an eCommerce managed service provider is cost effective. The reason why many manufacturers are entrusting the running of their eCommerce business into the care of a full-service agency is that it is very cost effective to do so; they literally come into a team of experts overnight while not having to take on the costly overhead or heavy-lifting of personnel management.
  2. eCommerce outsourcing helps in the promotion of a business across the internet – not just necessarily on the direct eCommerce channel they were hired to manage. Increasing brand presence on the coveted first page of search results – no matter the channel (Amazon,, Google, etc.) – helps build brand awareness by getting it in front of more people. Once the brand is served to more people, watch the magic power of customer habits, product reviews and word-of-mouth take off. With the right agency, a brand can go from obscure to dominate in a matter of months.

Want a partner that can take the stress of eCommerce off your shoulders? Need a partner that will help you cut business costs while increasing topline growth? Are you on the hunt for a partner to take your brand to that next level?

We’re here and ready. On this retail transformation journey, today Lunge is leading the eCommerce optimization of this retail reinvention.