The Authority in Hands-On Amazon Management

Your brand is your life’s work. You’ve worked too hard to settle for barebones listings. Our multifaceted, assertive and fast-acting approach regains and retains your brand’s authority to give you peace of mind while your sales multiply.

As a fully aligned agency, our tools and services let you maximize sales without having to become an Amazon expert or navigate Amazon’s complex landscape.

We are your eCommerce department, just located in a different office.


Amazon Advertising Excellence

Not all agencies are the same. We at Lunge Marketing intimately understand and embrace the relationship that optimized content and advertising has on overall success. Our holistic approach managing both sides of the equation creates more efficient and effective advertising, saving everyone valuable time and money.

Lunge Marketing’s long-standing, proven record of excellence deploying all ad types at our disposal – including search (Amazon Advertising), display (Amazon DSP), video (Sponsored Video) and more – has earned our manufacturer partners’ trust. We genuinely work for our clients, not Amazon. What does this mean for you? You get clear and concise advertising strategies without the fluff. Backed by our extensive research, we cut through Amazon’s sales pitch, identify what work’s best, and determine the optimal way to win on Amazon


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An Integrated Team

Great work doesn’t magically appear. It’s the result of smart, passionate and experienced people collaborating to produce outstanding work. It comes from individuals empowered to think, learn and deliver their best. We are problem solvers by nature, are dedicated to inspiring change within organizations and are passionate about driving game-changing results

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